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This site is dedicated to the "Knowledge", within this site you will find 1,000's of points, just click the links, to find any London street, just click on the maps You can see what is required to obtain a Taxi cab's Driver's license just click on the faq's or you can have a look at the general info page.
If you would like to talk to other people who are studying "The Knowledge" then simply go in to the chat room, or just leave a message on the message board As this site grows the links will be updated as often a possible and if you have any suggestions to make this site more helpful, please don't hesitate to contact us
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If you want to know what the "Map" test is like then have a look at the mock test, if you are looking for a callover partner just leave a message on the callover partners board. You can see all the point that have been asked over the last 12 months just go to the weekly points we also have an archives page with 1,000's of points, halls, police memorials, and more.
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