Taxiknowledge For The Knowledge of London

Welcome to the original site for the knowledge of London. This site was established in 199 and was set up with the sole purpose of helping knowledge boys and girls do “The Knowledge”. Our site has been trough a few changes over the years and this is a new look for 2017. We will be adding plenty of information regarding becoming a London Taxi driver. Since we started almost 20 years ago there have been many changes to the knowledge and one of the biggest “threats” to the industry has to be the¬†proliferation of Uber. Many people who would have chosen to do the knowledge of London are now turning to Uber, so is it still worth learning the knowledge and becoming a licenced black cab driver? the simple answer is yes, of course it is.

The knowledge of London is known as the hardest course in the world to become a cab driver, the reason for this is because London cabbies are the best in the world. OK so you might have heard of the knowledge but not quite sure what it’s about or what is involved to become a London black cab driver. We will show you examples of the Blue Book Runs that you need to learn, we will show videos and even show you some of the runs as they are done on a moped.

We are currently updating our site so come back soon to find out more about the knowledge of London. You can visit our Sister site for more information and to order some of the products you will need to et you through the knowledge.